Counselor's Corner

Golden Door Charter School Counseling and Support Staff
Danielle Traina-Coll, Counselor [email protected] ext.3416 Danielle Gold, School Counselor  [email protected] ext. 3416
Iris Ruiz, School Counselor  [email protected]   ext.4113
Jimmy Castro, School Social Worker  [email protected] ext. 3405

At Golden Door Charter School, we recognize that every student is a unique individual. Our approach to education not only includes your child's academic needs, but their personal and social needs as well.

The emphasis of the counseling program is on maximizing the potential of all students through a comprehensive developmental approach. This approach is representative of the state of New Jersey's curricula and is based on the American School Counselors Association National Standards for School Counseling Programs. Both the State Board of Education and the New Jersey Department of Education support this Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Model as an integral component of the educational system and vital in preparing and assisting students to be successful learners.

Components of the Counselor's Role in the Comprehensive Counseling Program
Through individual, small and large group guidance/counseling, coordination of school and community services, developmental classroom lessons and consultation; we work to assist the students in becoming healthy, effective, and functioning human beings.

Individual Counseling: Parents, teachers, child study team staff, and administrators may refer a student for individual counseling; also students may self refer. Individual counseling may also be a recommendation of an IEP meeting.

Group Counseling
These meetings may consist of activities and discussions aimed at such topics as: school adjustment, strengthening self-confidence, divorce/separation and restructured families, conflict resolution, anger management, and improving peer relationships. Additional groups can be arranged on an as needed basis.

Teach character education, service learning, and developmental guidance lessons in the classroom. Lessons focus on a variety of topics including: character values, service projects, peer relations, conflict resolution, study skills, communication skills, stress management, decision-making, and career awareness.

Consultation with school staff members, parents, community resources, and outside agencies.

Integrating school and community resources.

Planning, implementing, and evaluating the counseling program. Overseeing internship program, which includes undergraduate and graduate students who counsel and mentor Golden Door Students.

** A letter will be sent to parents and/or guardians when students have been recommended for extended individual or group counseling. All counseling sessions and guidance lessons are run in accordance with ACA (American Counseling Association) ethics and guidelines.